Photographers don't search for beauty, they find the perfect way to show the world it is surrounding us. Yasmine Arfaoui

I was lucky to have received a camera when I was 11. It wasn't a very sophisticated one, it was a small point and shoot. I brought it everywhere with me and would photograph everything and everyone. I remember reading its manual and learning everything about this little gadget I loved so much. During my last year of high school I had an amazing art teacher who told me that I had an eye for photography and encouraged me to pursue my art.

Today, I am living off of my passion and I couldn't be happier. Photographing people is such a privileged job, I get to know them, to sometimes fight their insecurities with them and above all, I get to be there in their most precious moments. Whether I’m photographing clients or people I know, I think the secret in achieving the best results is to be very patient. I hope I will be able to be in this creative world for a long time.